Turn Key project

From Concept Dream to Reality
Milk Diamond will be your Trust ed Dairy Advisor that helps you to start new Dairy Farm or to develop your Dairy Farm. We can assist you with one or all stages, from concept to a full Turn- Key solution. Our process aims to minimize errors in the short and long term – developing an enduring operation that will take into account key factors from the start. With our experience with dairy farm, our team can often forecast upcoming revisions to environmental or operational concerns, and address these in dairy farm planning stages

Dairy Farm Plan Stages
The process will include the subsequent dairy farm plan steps and alternatives detailed in this document :

1 . Master Plan
Pre-feasibility study: the Master Plan is the foundation of the execution process of the complete project and outlines. The order of development , puts the project in perspective compared to local / regional markets, and provides a framework .

2. Business Plan Decision Go/ No Go
A comprehensive business plan will provide a much clearer vision of the physical and economical aspects of the project. The business plan will also be suitable for submission to any financial institution to apply for financing

3. Dairy Farm Milking Center Architectural Design 
The architectural design of the milking center would be based on the conclusions and out come of the Master Plan after such is executed.  Such design represents the minimum estimation capacity of our involvement in the practical aspects of the project, while high lighting the core and specialty of our business.

4 . Whole Dairy Farm Architectural Design
We also offer our services in the execution of a comprehensive architectural design of the dairy farm. The design would be based on the conclusions and out come of the Master Plan after such is executed. This would be an increase of our involvement in the project and the possible trigger leading to a complete Turn- Key project .

5. Complete Turn- Key Dairy Farm Project
Finally , as part of all the above, we offer our services for a complete, comprehensive TK project . Such an alternative means that we take full responsibility of the complete TK project to the very detail , providing the customer the“ Key” to operate the dairy farm.