Milk Diamond provide different solutions

*Milking room solutions:

Milking system that provide a comfortable environment for both cows and operator.


*Washing solutions:

Milk contains fats, proteins, sugars and minerals. These tend to stick to the
surfaces of the milking and cooling equipment, solutions designed for parlor sanitation
.Milking equipment cleaning programs have to be able to deal with all of these
individual aspects of milk . But because these aspects are so different
(especially in terms of their solubility), water and chemicals are both necessary

*Calf care solutions:

No matter how long you’ve been raising calves, it’s important to help build
a solid foundation for each new arrival.
Milk Diamond will support you with a range of products to help a newborn
calf begins life in comfortable and hygienic conditions and is given the right
nutrition to grow into a healthy cow.

*Hoof care solutions:

The truth is that hoof care is very important, A lame cow won’t be able to
stand on her feet, when she can’t stand, she can’t get the proper nutrition
that she needs.

*Service & Maintenance solutions:

First and foremost, we give exceptional service. You deserve to have a service
provider that stresses craftsmanship, integrity, and above all honesty.

*Farm building solutions:

We provide advice & establish the design and layout of all types of dairy farm buildings.

*Cooling & Ventilation:

Nothing kills the productivity of your herd’s milk production and reproduction
rates like heat stress.
The degree of heat stress suffered by the cow will depend on the combination
of environmental conditions – air temperature, relative
humidity, wind, and radiation from the sun.

*Drinking water solutions:

Milk is composed of 87% water.Therefore the more clean water a cow consumes;
the more milk she will be able to produce.

*Feeding solutions:

Feeding is one of the important factors in dairy production, Every bite of feed
a cow gets is analyzed for nutrients such as calcium, fiber, protein, phosphorus,
several vitamins and sodium, plus a long list of other critical nutrients.

*Manure management solutions:

By cleaning your sheds regularly you can reduce the risk of environmental
mastitis, decrease cell counts and reduce the risk of claw lesions,
digital dermatitis, heel erosions and foot warts.

*Dairy products manufacturing:

The main objective is to provide a complete and versatile production line for
dairy products, which is easy to transport and install.