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Sheep & Goat Range

Hay Rack

• for up to 5 calves
• hot galvanized
• for wall mounting
• bar spacing: 80 mm
• bar thickness : 8 mm

Fodder Rack

• for sheep, goats, deer or calves
• for small bales and loose hay
• with concentrated feed trough
• bar spacing: 7 cm
• hot-dip galvanized
• supplied as self-assembly kit

Large Hutch & Pasture Panels

• practical connecting system for easy
  and tool free installation of hoardings
• suitable for the creation of pre-gathering spaces,
  pens, individual and group boxes or stall dividers
• completely hot-dip galvanized
• door with lock latch and reinforced frame

Lamb Bucket

• plastic
• for feeding up to 6 lambs
• complete with bracket,
  teats and valves
• food grade
•flattened on both sides
• reinforced mode

Lamb Feeder Bucket

• plastic
• complete with bracket and short,
   red teats and valves
• food grade

Lamb Feed Bottle 

• complete with teat
• individually adjustable
   milk flow
• bottle neck with large
  diameter for easy filling
• large graduation

Holder for Lamb Bottle

• for hanging on fences,
   pens, etc .
• for 5 lamb bottles
• suitable for Lamb Bottles
   Anti-Vac (Art.No.278)
• with plastic coating, making
  them very long-lasting

Spare Parts for Lamb Feeding Bucket

Neck Tags Small plus+Mediplus

• oval
• for sheep
• with hole for suspension

Hand Clipper

• widely spaced teeth
• about 25 cm long
• 45 mm cutting width

Sheep Shearing Machine