Milking Component

vacuum pump

Oil lubricated vacuum pumps

Vanes x 4 set

Vacuum Pump Vane ( Fiber )

Vacuum Pump Vane ( Fiber Graphite )

Vacuum Gauge

 Analogic Vacuum Gauge adaptor

Trolley Kit

Stabilvac 4000-6000

High accuracy of the signal and great sensitivity
of the valve allow a quick reaction when regulating the
vacuum system.
Excellent quietness.
Quick and easy to install


Electronic Pulsators

Mastitis reduction
Minimized vacuum and electrical consumption
Fast and gentle milking

IUP  Universal Power Supply

IUC24 – IUC32 Control Box

Vacuum Pulsators

L80 / LL 90

L02 Air


L80 Air

Control Valves 

Milk Meter

Milk Meter – parlour

Milk Meter – RTS

Milk Meter Sheep & Goat

Service Kit

Mounting set


Cover clip



Open bung 30 Kg flask

Flask 30 kg

housing gasket

housing tap

metering head 30 Kg cpl

wedge mounting bracket

Milk receiver

Different capacities 60 / 100 Lt
Milk Transfer Pump 10 Ton  / hr( Three Phase 0,75 kW )
Chrome Filter
Sanitary Trap 10 Lt

 Milk jar

Glass Milk Jar, 26 K.G


Orbiter 250 – 350 Heavy Duty Restyling

The Orbiter 250 and 350 family. Designed for Heavy Duty milking systems
it integrates a new locking system among the parts and a brand new bowl composed by
sturdy polymer resistant to high temperatures and acids action

The Impulse Air Milking Cluster

These clusters are designed to support our most advanced claws, shells, and triangular liners.
They combine the revolutionary triangular vented liner with the latest
innovations in claw design to give the ultimate milking efficiency.

The features and benefits of the Impulse Air Milking Cluster

Stable vacuum on the teat
Faster and efficient milking
Available for purchase or through our Cluster Exchange Service   


ITP 203-205-207

Sheep & Goats,Claws & System

After many years of research and development
in close cooperation with animal breeders, Milk Diamond
is pleased to present its new range of high performance
components for the efficient milking of small ruminants.

LUNIK 200-350-Harmony Claw

Cow & buffalo, Claws & System

Spare Parts

Milking accessories

Stainless Steel straight milk entry

Stainless Steel straight milk entry

Stainless Steel bended milk entry

Stainless Steel bended milk entry


Threaded Clamp

Rubber Elbow

Rubber Stopper of Receiving Ø60

Rubber Tee Ø40

Rubber Connector Ø50

Hot galvanized tube wall bracket

S / S Coupling
( Ø38 X 60 )

Pipe Collar Ø5

Endcap for Pipeline Ø52

Liners & Tubes

Rubber Milk Tube

Twin Pulse Tude

Rubber Vacuum Tube

Milk Tube

Twin Pulse Tude

Hose Cutter

Short Pulsation Tube

Short Pulsation Tube

Short Pulsation Tube

Pulsation Tubes extension nipple





The Impulse Air Dairy Liner

By introducing air at the mouthpiece of the
dairy liner behind the milk,
the potentially damaging effects of the vacuum are reduced. 
The overall result of this air vent is a gentle
massage on the teat,
whilst also reducing the somatic cell count (SCC) and the risk of mastitis.

Bucket & Gaskets

Washing solutions

Top Wash Lite II

Washing Programmer

We introduce the latest release of the
Top Wash Lite range. The washing
programmer TWLite II in corporates the smart,
user friendly design of the Top Wash Lite and the
performance of the over sized water solenoids .

Turbo Wash 4000 & 4000P

Air Injector

Effective cleaning and sanitization of the system
High performance, up to 4000 l/min of air capacity
Low energy consumption
Reliable electronic and easy to program
Easy to install, service-free

Stainless steel wash system

High quality stainless steel trays suitable
for even the most demanding parlour conditions
The assembly is easily installed and is
available with a wide variety of
stainless steel fixings.

Top Wash III New Soft ware 3.2

Washing Programmer

The new soft ware 3.2 makes it more versatile,
performing and adaptable to every milking installation.

TWIII with 2 peristaltic pumps

Hydraulic Setup

TWIII with 3 peristaltic pumps

Hydraulic Set up

TWIII with 1 S/S container

Hydraulic Set up

Jet Stream

• Adjustable pressure according to the chemical solution used
• Guaranteed performance for up to 5 guns running simultaneously
• Activated simply by the vacuum
• Easy to install
• Modular system which responds to the
   needs of even the largest installation


• Better nipple coverage compared to a normal spray
• Reduced chemical consumption
• Automatic refill
• Faster than classic dipping.
• Cost optimization.

Fill’n Dip

• Makes the refilling of dip cups quick,
   safe and easy
• Avoids chemical spillage and wastage
• Capable of dispensing chemical
  direct from a tote
• Quick and easy to install
• Option of multiple dispenser units

S/S Wash Trough Bottom Rounded

S/S Wash Trough Rectangular

S/S Lid for Wash Trough

Plastic Wash Trough