Milk Cooling Solutions

Open Milk Cooling Tanks from 100 to 350 liters


– AISI 304 stainless steel inner tank and outer casing.
– Total primary Trap cold™  laser welded evaporator surface with maximum yield.
– Very thick ecofriendly and performing insulation by polyurethane foam.
– DN50 outlet – butterfly valve included. 
– Millimeter stainless steel dip-stick with direct reading of the milk level in liters


– Non-icing cooling even with low filling level .
– Direct expansion.
– R404A refrigerating fluid for all models .
– Stainless steel casing.
– Compact and easy to install


– FIPO 0 electronic milk controller .
– Milk temperature check and display. -Stirring program.
– Electrical feeding cables with standardized plug ( male ) .
 – 230V 50HZ single phase

Open Milk Cooling Tanks from 400 to 2500 liters

MPV400 – MPV2500

Tanks from 400 lt to 2,500 lt can serve small cow milking
parlors and large sheep and goat milking parlors.

MPP Round

Capacities from 1,000 lt – 14,000 lt. For 2,4 and 6 milkings

MPP Oval ( Elliptical )

Capacities from 10,000 lt 20,000 lt. For 2,4 and 6 milkings.
For faster cooling of larger amounts of milk.
An ideal solution for places where there is a height limitation

Milk Pasteurizer

The pasteurization of milk uses heat treatment to kill bacteria and to significantly reduce the number of micro-organisms, ensuring that your milk is processed to the highest standard.

Portable Calf Milk Pasteurizer