Farm Supply

Calf drencher with flexible tube

The Calf Drencher is available with a rigid
and a flexible probe and the container holds 2 or 4 litres.
The Calf Drencher is a quick and safe method
to administer liquid therapy of calves and for
electrolytic calf treatment and it can be operated
by one person

CMT liquid 1 L

Test liquid for the detection of mastitis.
To be used with CMT test paddle.
The test liquid indicates the cell
count in milk.

Ectric dehorner with 2 dehorning tips

Teat dipper – no return

CMT test paddle

Needles & Syringes

Sheaths for Universal For
Insemination Gun Split Green

Aluminium tube for sheath

Inseminator universal for
0.25 ml – 0.50 ml straws

Hoof knife standard doub edge

Hoof Knife Standard ft

Calving rope / helper


A special design that is highly effective with a large interior for absorbing foreign bodies.
• stainless steel
• for single-handed operation
• rounded edge

Forceps for Cattle Weaner

• metal
• plastic handles

Anti suck

The new and innovative Cattle anti suck will win you over with its extremely easy handling,
its realised learning effect with the animal as well as the improvement of the animals well being.