Detergents & Disinfectants


Milk Diamond TEAT DIP

Iodine concentrate to clean the nipples before and after milk soak or spray
Keeps The nipples health

Milk Diamond Acid

• Quick discharge and do not have foam
• Prevents the deposition of milk fat

Milk Diamond Alkali

• Alkaline preparation for milk dairy
• Contains caustic soda and antiseptic

Udder Disinfectants

Udder Paper Cut UdderoClean

• easy and fast removal of individual
• high-wet-strength and lint-free

UdderoClean Bag

• water resistant material
• with a plastic click fastener
• suitable for wet and dry paper

Holder for Udder Cloth Bucket

• for flexible attachment of the dispenser
   bucket at the milking station


Can Brush

• boil proof
• polyester
• plastic body

Scrub Brush

• ergonomically shaped plastic handle
• with polyester bristles

Wash Brush

• with polyamide bristles
• plastic back


Spray Nozzle Super Jet

• suitable for water temperatures up to 35
• with hose connector

Cleaning Shower with Crash Bar

• suitable for water temperatures up to 50°C
• variable adjustable spray or concentrated jet


Milking and washing apron

• top quality
• water proof
• high temperature resistance ( 25 ° C t o +70 ° C )

Hygienic Apron Keron

• made from high-quality, thermoplastic polyurethane ( TPU)
• The aprons are ideally suited for use in hygienic areas
• material resistant to cleaning agents


Disposable Gloves Nitrile

Top / Classic / Basic


Wall Bracket for Disposable Gloves

• stable position and suitable for all sizes thanks to
   spring that pushes the dispenser box to the front

Milk filter

Milk Filters welded

• milk taste and quality is protected
• for vacuum systems
• high-quality

Milking room water boiler