Barn Equipment

Calf box

The calf box ensures that the calf enjoys plenty of fresh air, but is not exposed to any draughts.
It is also protected from harmful pathogenic bacteria.
The animal does not lie directly on the floor in the calf box, but rather on the raised grille.
This keeps the calf warmer and dryer.

Calf feeder


Milk warmer

Milk warmer tank

Specialist literature and studies indicate that the feeding of young calves
has a marked effect on animal health,
development and therefore the later performance of the animal .
To achieve positive results, an in-depth knowledge on the part of the farmer
and technical equipment are usually required.
Our milk warmer provides the ideal support for calf rearing, especially for medium sized businesses .
It closes the gap between especially for medium sized businesses .
It closes the gap between immersion heaters and mobile milk tanks with sophisticated equipment .
Quickly and without much effort, up to 50 litres of milk or milk substitute mixture can be heated up.

Ear tag

Flexo Plus Cattle Ear Tags

• specially designed for cattle
• excellent resilience with low loss rates
• highly animal friendly

Single piece Ear Tag

RFID Ear Tag

Black Marker

• for self-inscribing
• non smudge
• black
• dries immediately
• numbers or signs can be traced or
  completed on already applied ear tag

Ear Tag Pliers for PrimaFlex

• with black insert
• for the application
   of PrimaFlex Ear Tags

Twin tag Applicator

• aluminium
• with spring

Hoof care

Super Abrasive Disc, low-density

• wide fitting • grain 30
• recommended for soft hoofs
• lower cleaning expenditure
   compared to solid covering

Super Abrasive Disc, high-density

• narrow fitting
• grain 30
• recommended for hard hoof

Super Abrasive Disc, double-sided

• double-sided fitting
• granulation front 30,back 10
• recommended for the experienced
  farmer / hoof care expert

Elastic Gauze Bandage Fixino

• elastic gauze bandage made from 60 %
   polyamide and 40 % viscose
• easy to put on even on all cone-shaped
   body parts and joints
• hand washable, soft and porous

Rolled Cotton Wool Rollino

Cotton wool bandage made from synthetic material
which acts as padding for a variety
of bandages and dressings

Claw Bandage VetLastic

Specially for claw care and for self-adhesive
bandages developed for veterinary use!

Head lock

The locking system is slick and simple and you will find you save a lot of time by locking them up
for herd health and pregancy tests, as well as money as the vet will not be spending billable
hours chasing after cows.


The manure scrapers are enables to transfer the manure from the barns to the manure holes systematically by which
the energy consumption and labor efficiency are minimized: it is important in terms of health,
comfort and productivity to keep the place clean

Cow brush

The brushes have been designed for cow to scratch themselves against whenever they need to.
Not only does this improve the cows quality of life,
it makes it less likely that the cows will scratch themselves against interiwalls

Stainless Steel drinker

The design of the stainless water is simple durable. The water level in the water tank for
cows is always optimal controlled by the float mechanism with protective casing. Quick
cleaning of the water by over turning system.

Cow mattress

Cow matters are very important for the comfort of the cow dairy production.
It reduces the health risks in cows.
A healthy cow is able to produce more milk.
Easier to clean.