About Us


Upgrading dairy farms aiming to increase their business productivity and profitability .
We supply dairy farms by high quality , reliability , innovative products and solutions for milking rooms ,
feeding equipment , barn cooling and ventilation system , barn equipment and milk manufacturing equipment
with competitive price


To reach welfare of dairy farms all over the world by increase their
farms productivity to the maximum and also keeping welfare for their animals .


Caring about our stakeholders


In 2015   – Started supplying dairy farms with mixer wagons and farms with portable milking machines .

In 2017   – We installed our first imilk 600 parlour with dairy management software .

In 2018   – We expand our presence to be in 5 countries .

In 2019  – We contribute in-:Upgrading more than 180 farm

                                         Producing more than 12000000 lt of milk daily

                                         Feeding 9500 cow daily

                                        Cooling & ventilation of 31200 m2

                                        Caring of 46300 animal

By 2020  – We started our own products facility producing our patents

                    ( Calf box – Sheep&goat box – Milking room frams, cabinets – Stainless steel milking components )